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Home Search

The first and foremost concern for any individual relocating would be – ‘where are we going to live’. A house that is comfortable and beautiful, a locality that is accepting and adjustable, a location that is convenient and safe – these are the prime factors anyone would look for. We provide you extensive home search services that cover all your hesitations. We save your time by suggesting properties that match all your requirements and check-list. From assisting you with the rental agreements to providing a walk through the identified properties, we support you all the way through!

Services include

  •   Provide assignee with home search check list /questionnaire form
  •   Provide description and pictures (if possible) of properties to be shown prior to setting itinerary.
  •   Provide copy of itinerary.
  •   Arrange real estate appointments & accompany to real estate appointments
  •   Provide full report of properties viewed and comments within 48 hr after each home viewing day.
  •   Assist in short listing the property based on the needs of the assignee.
  •   Walk through the short listed property, identify repairs to be done & alterations/ changes if needed to be made. (and time line for execution)
  •   Help negotiate rental costs and other fees (add any repairs, furniture, white goods yet to be done in lease agreement)
  •   Check In inventory & send copy to account.
  •   Review and vet lease.
  •   Arrange copy of final lease.