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Packing Techniques

Enquirymart has a professional team of packers and movers who are trained to pack all items. Our expert packers ensure that goods are not damaged while handling the consignment. Given below are the type of wrapping and cushioning materials that we use.

This is the basic wrapping material used for most items such as:
  •   Glassware
  •   Kitchenware (bowls, pots, pans, utensils, small appliances, canteen cutlery)
  •   Saucers
  •   All small items that can be packed into cartons
  •   Plates
  •   Cups
Crushed paper is paper or newsprint crunched up into loose balls and used as a cushioning material for delicate and valuable items. Before packing into cartons a layer of crushed paper is placed at the bottom of the cartons for padding. During packing it is placed between items that are packed in tiers to eliminate movement. A final layer is then placed on the last tier before they are closed and sealed.
This provides excellent protection for polished surfaces (i.e. expensive wood or veneer furniture) or as a shock absorber for sheet glass (i.e. shelves, doors and the like) and electrical equipment such as TV’s, videos and stereo components. Although in general terms this product is used as a single wrap, it is important to note that additional protection is needed at the corners, edges and large flat surfaces.
Used wherever heavier protection is needed for delicate items and items with smooth or sensitive surfaces. It is supplied in three widths: 1200mm, 900mm and 300mm.
Used solely in domestic removals, these are thick felt or acrylic/wool blend blankets, which provide padding and protection to sensitive surfaces.
Heavy plastic bags are used to bag mattress, lounge suites, and other upholstered furniture to protect easily soiled surfaces.
Because of its shape and size, this cartons is ideal for a wide variety of items such as
  •  General Kitchenware and appliance
  •  Diner Sets and glasses
  •  Microwave oven
  •  Computer parts
  •  China and ornaments
  •  Radio/stereo’s
  •  Portable Television set
Although it is primarily used to pack books, other goods that need to be packed separately can be packed in the book cartons. These include
  •  Bathroom items
  •  Tapes and CDS
  •  Garage Tools
  •  Fragile ornaments
  •  Lampshades
  • There is a detachable bar which rests across the top section of the cartons to hang clothes. Occasionally the wardrobe cartons can be used to pack other objects such as:
  •  Large figurines
  •  Large artificial plants if not too heavy
  •  China pedestals
  •  Fans and stands